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End User License Agreement

Version 1.0 July 31, 2023
Dhaka, Bangladesh

1 Use of Fonts

1.1 Rights – Upon full payment, BanglaTypeFoundry hereby grants to you a limited right and license to access, and use the fonts (“Software”) listed in your receipt. This right and license are nonexclusive, non-assignable, and non-transferable. For the period of time specified in your receipt, this License is in force.

1.2 Scope – This Agreement only allows for local installation on your computing device or, when appropriate, for usage as hosted webfonts using BanglaTypeFoundry’s own hosted font embedding service in your web project. It only provides for the limited use of the Software associated with this License. This License permits access to the Software or the insertion of a unique code into your Web Project by the programs running on the Licensed Device. You won’t have access to the software files and won’t be able to duplicate, transfer, or make any other use of the font software.

1.2 Webfonts – This Agreement does not permit the remote installation of the Software, use or installation on servers, self-hosting as webfonts, embedding in software or hardware or use in unlicensed Applications or Apps.

1.3 Number of Devices – Only one Device may be used at a time to use the licensed software. The number of internet domains that can be given to your web projects in order to use licensed software as hosted webfonts is unrestricted.

1.4 Internet access requirements – In order to license the software and activate your license, you must have access to the Internet and be online. Additionally, in order to renew the License and keep using the Software, you must be online. After obtaining a license or renewing your license, you can work remotely.

1.5 Digital File Limitations – When you purchase a license, the software will be immediately installed on your computer. Throughout the installation, you won’t be able to access the digital files. You are not allowed to move, copy, or remove the licensed software from its installed location or folders on your computing device.

2 Restrictions

2.1 Number of devices – You must create a different User Account for each installation if you need to utilize the BanglaTypeFoundry services simultaneously on several users’ devices. For such uses, BanglaTypeFoundry offers a “Sharing” plan to give the environment of several users an advantage over a single renting plan.

2.2 Transfer of devices – Your Licensed Software will be smoothly transferred to the new device if you login using the same User Account on another computing device. You will also be automatically logged off of the first device. The number of consecutive Computing Devices you can use with the same User Account is unlimited, provided they are not utilized at the same time.

2.3 App Tampering It is not permissible to break, bypass, or otherwise get around any software protection features in the service or the licensed software by disassembling, decompiling, reverse engineering, or any other means the source code of the BanglaTypeFoundry service or licensed software. Any effort of this nature constitutes a serious violation of this Agreement and may lead to the termination of any License.

2.4 User Account You must register for a user account with a valid email address in order to utilize the BanglaTypeFoundry services. You will also need to give more information, such your real name and other contact data, in order to be able to rent software. You must be logged in with your User Account and have the BanglaTypeFoundry application installed on your Computing Device in order to utilize the BanglaTypeFoundry services and Software. The same User Account can only be used on one Computing Device at a time.

2.5 Transfer –  The License for the Software may not be transferred or sold.

3 Copyright

3.1 Font Tampering – You are not allowed to add any functionality to the Software or the designs incorporated into the Software, nor are you allowed to otherwise edit, alter, adapt, translate, convert, modify, remaster, or produce derivative works based on them.

3.2 Copyright Laws – Trademark, copyright, and industrial design laws both within Bangladesh and internationally safeguard the information and software that BanglaTypeFoundry offers.

4 Support

Technical support is provided only to those who have purchased our software for the software provided. In connection with technical support, we may need to communicate with you or your staff and request access to your systems or networks. If you do not provide us with such cooperation, our support will be limited.

5 Termination

5.1 We reserve the right to limit, alter, suspend, or terminate the Service, or any portion of it, or your access to the BanglaTypeFoundry Service, any Licensed Content, or Service Interfaces at any time, without warning and for any reason. For any such restriction, modification, suspension, or cessation of the Service, Licensed Content/Software, or your access thereto, BanglaTypeFoundry shall not be liable to you or to any third party.

5.2 If at any time You breach any term or condition of this Agreement and/or fail to maintain a valid Account in good standing, We may suspend or terminate Your Account and the right to use the Service and/or Licensed Content.

6 Refunds & Cancellation Policy

6.1 Refunds & Returns – Each user account will have a period of 24 hours after purchasing the font during which time they can request a refund, and the purchase amount will be refunded to them within one week and the software license revoked for the Font purchase refunded. This opportunity will only be available once per user account.

6.2 Cancellations – You can cancel Your Service Account at any time by logging into Your Account profile and using the “cancel my account” cancellation link without any questions asked. You must use the online cancellation process; requests for cancellation made by fax, email, or phone will not be honored.

7 Availability of Services

BanglaTypeFoundry will make every attempt to keep the Service up and running. We cannot, however, guarantee the performance of your own computer systems or Devices or the services of communications networks or service providers.

8 Liability

The software is not appropriate for situations where a device failure could result in bodily harm, death, or environmental damage. Under no circumstances, including damages resulting from unlocked uses of the Software, may BanglaTypeFoundry be liable for any damages in excess of the rental amounts paid under this License. The installation and use procedures offered by BanglaTypeFoundry are not guaranteed to work with all applications.